Crawford's CEVC Primary School

Together we care, inspire and achieve

School Staff




Mr. R. Francksen

Head of School

Class 4 Teacher

Designated Safeguarding/

Prevent Lead

Mrs. G. Nunn


Class 3 Teacher

Safeguarding Alternate

Miss. D. Mitchell

Class 2 Teacher

Mr. M. Philpot

Class 1 Teacher


Mrs. S. Leader

Class 3 teacher

Maths Specialist

Mrs. C. Barber

Admin Assistant

Miss. J. Grist

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. H. Dekker

HLTA/Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. K. Thompson

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. J. Norman

Learning Support Assistant

 Mrs. J. Brett

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. A. Cobbold

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. E. Johnson - Cleaner

Mrs. S. Brett - Cleaner

Mr I. Austin - Caretaker

Mr. S. Fenner - Bursar

Mr. L. Hawkins - Sports Coach

Mr. S. Moulton - Music Teacher 


 Miss S. Foster


 Miss C. Beckett


Mr Rob Francksen
Head of School/ Class 4 Teacher
Mr Francksen is our Head of School; he is our Safeguarding and Prevent Lead.
Mrs Ginny Nunn
Class teacher: Class 3
Mrs Nunn is the class teacher in our Year 4/5 class. She is also our Senior Teacher and SENCo. Mrs Nunn is the Designated Alternate Safeguarding Lead.
Miss Dawn Mitchell
Class Teacher: Class 2
Miss Mitchell is the class teacher for our Year 2/3 class (Willow). She is also our Science subject leader.
Mr Martin Philpot
Class Teacher: Class 1
Mr Philpot is the teacher in our Reception / Year 1 class. He is also our PE and computing lead.
Mrs Susan Leader
Class Teacher: Oak
Mrs Susan Leader will be teaches every Friday in Class 3. Mrs Leader is our Maths specialist..