Crawford's CEVC Primary School

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Physical Education

At Crawford’s CEVC Primary School we believe that Physical Education is an important subject that builds upon many transferable skills. As well as participating in a variety of different sports throughout the year, we also promote physical activity during lesson time, at lunchtime and after school.  To find out about our current extra curricular opportunities CLICK HERE.

We celebrate sporting achievements (however small) during our celebration assembly each week and give time for children to explain how they are achieving in sports outside of school time too. 

We receive the Physical Education and Sport Premium from the government and are using it to promote a lifelong love of sport for all children at our school. We have an action plan which details how we will spend our money wisely. This action plan also details the affect this funding will have on children’s progress and attainment and in P.E and sport.  For more information on how the Sport Premium is spent CLICK HERE.