Crawford's CEVC Primary School

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Religious Education

R.E. is taught on a weekly basis and follows 'The Emmanuel Project'; a scheme of work for EYFS to Y6 which covers the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus for RE (2012). 

As a church school, there is a greater emphasis placed on the teaching of Christianity although other world faiths are studied throughout the school:​

In Key Stage 1 the children learn about Christianity through a range of themes and topics and also learn about, and make comparisons with, Judaism.

Within Key Stage 2 there remains a focus on Christianity, with regular additional units of work based on Hinduism and Islam as well as smaller units of work relating to other world faiths such as Sikhism and Buddhism.

Throughout the RE curriculum, children are encouraged to discover what they can about different religions as well as to think about what they can learn from, and relate to their own lives, from the different religions that they study.  We promote respect for religious and moral values, as well as an appreciation of a range of religions and ways of life different from our own, to help children understand the world in which they live.