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P.E. Premium Spending

With Mr Philpot taking up post as PE Subject Lead in September 2016, the PE action plan will be reviewed and updated with details of how the funding will be spent in 2016/17 available shortly.  For details of how the PE and Sports Premium was spent in 2015/16 please see below. 


The P.E. premium is received in two instalments - one in the Spring Term and one in the Autumn Term, for 2015 / 2016 this was a total of £8,269.  To offer improvements in P.E that can be sustained, the PE and Sports Premium was spent in the following ways:

  • CPD/ courses for teachers to attend in order for them to improve their subject knowledge and their teaching practice to teach good to outstanding P.E lessons.
  • Opportunities for staff to observe and work with specialised sports coaches in order to develop and enhance teaching practice.
  • Resources including planning documents.
  • The hire of specialist sports equipment e.g dance mats.
  • Sports competitions (renewing our membership with Gipping Valley School Sport Partnership). 
  • Release time for the P.E. co-ordinator to organise enrichment days, competitions, build upon links with sports clubs in the local community, develop the status of P.E. in our school and time to monitor the impact that the funding is having. 
  • Travel to specialist sports centres and sporting events throughout the year.
  • Travel to another primary school for our Year 5/6 students to join with another Year 5/6 class for one P.E session each week.
  • Enrichment days (e.g Pipers Vale Gymnastics Centre) 
  • Sports clubs run by specially trained coaches e.g football club, tag rugby club, dance club. 
 Breakdown of costs: 
 Continuing Professional Development £1,000
 Planning resources and equipment £500
 Specialist PE coaching for each class £3,000
 Annual dance project led by specialist dance teacher £650
 Gipping Valley School Sport Partnership £750
 After School Clubs  £600
 Inter-school activities £750
 Transport  £550
 Enrichment days  £300


The P.E and Sport Premium has made a difference to P.E at Crawford’s CEVC Primary School in many ways.

It has helped to raise the profile of P.E at our school amongst children and parents. It has sparked more enthusiasm towards P.E and Sports. It has further improved relationships the school has with parents and members of the local community and has also helped develop relationships between our school and other schools in the local area. The funding has enabled more children to take part in more clubs and sporting events that they otherwise may not have been able to take part in. We have used some of the funding for 'Play Leaders' training sessions for the Year 6 children in our school and this has helped to improve playtimes. It gives teachers opportunities to develop their teaching  skills and it enables us to build upon the resources we have in school to increase levels of enthusiasm and achievement in P.E and School Sport.


In 2015/16  we competed in more competitions against other schools and renewed our membership with Gipping Valley School Sport Partnership; participating in more of the competitions they organised. We also competed in games that were organised directly by the school; developing links with other primary schools.  We endeavour to provide a variety of after school sports clubs throughout the year and we do appreciate ideas from children and parents as to what they would like to see offered as after school clubs. We will be continuing with this approach in the hope that we increase the number of children joining sports clubs so please let me know if you have any ideas for sports clubs. We will also continue to fund clubs for children in receipt of pupil premium.