Crawford's CEVC Primary School

Together we care, inspire and achieve


At Crawford’s CEVC Primary School, we endeavour to develop a love of maths and a willingness within children to develop their skills and to investigate, explain and ask questions within a mathematical context.

We encourage children to share their mathematical thinking and believe that this is important for all children as it will further develop their confidence within the subject.

Based on the new National Curriculum, we are developing our children’s skills according to their ability and their year group as well as encouraging them to use the skills that they gain during lessons, giving them the opportunity to use these in all areas of the curriculum.

We have worked together with other schools in the locality to create our calculation policy which can be referred to in order to identify the progression of methods used throughout the school when it comes to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Please click below for a link to our Calculation Policy which has been agreed across our cluster of Primary Schools along with mathematics teachers from Bacton Middle School.


 Calculation Policy 2014.doc