Crawford's CEVC Primary School

Together we care, inspire and achieve

Values and Ethos

At Crawford’s CEVC Primary School it is our aim to create a warm, stimulating and challenging atmosphere in which staff and children work together to move forward in learning. We believe that every child is special and unique and, as a church school, the ethos of a caring and Christian community is very important to us.


Through a range of experiences and learning opportunities, we aim to help our children to respect each other, to learn more about themselves as well as to gain a greater understanding of the world in which we live. It is our aim for children to develop skills and attitudes and acquire knowledge that will enrich their lives and broaden their horizons. One of the ways in which we encourage this is through our Crawford’s Cogs which focus in on the learning skills that children need to foster throughout their lives in order to be able to approach a range of tasks with qualities such as determination, creativity and the ability to work with others.


Our vision and values can be summarised in our school mission statement:



(developing Curriculum and Community through Christian Values)


Our Curriculum Vision

A curriculum that promotes curiosity,

enthusiasm and independence.

A curriculum that provides opportunities for all pupils to develop skills for lifelong learning through our Crawford’s Cogs.

Confident learners who take responsibility for their actions and who feel equipped to work towards their ambitions and aspirations.

Outstanding progress and achievement for all


Our Community Vision

A community where everyone feels respected and valued.

 Staff, governors, parents, carers, pupils and the local community working together

to grow, achieve and aspire.

Opportunities to develop links with the local church.

A school community that takes an active part in the local village community.

Effective working with other schools.


Christian Values

Christian Values are encouraged and celebrated across our school. They form the foundations of our approach towards relationships and experiences across the school and make us distinctive as a church school within the local community. 


During the year we focus on a range of values within our whole class worship times and across the school, using the Values for Life program which is a resource designed to support primary schools in promoting the teaching of Christian values.


There are 18 values and we focus on one each half term, meaning that we work on a three year rolling plan.


This year (2017/18) our values are:


Autumn Term: GenerosityRespect

Spring Term: CouragePerseverance

Summer Term: Service/ Trust


Other values covered during the three year cycle include thankfulness, compassion, friendship, hope, truthfulness, forgiveness and humility.